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Open she brackets and put the verbs into the proper tense form.
Long ago there lived an old woman in England. She 1_________ (have) a son who 2_________ (be) a sailor. He 3________ (go) to different countries and always 4________ (bring) presents for his old mother. Once he 5________ (go) to China and 6________ (bring) some tea from that country. At that time tea 7________ (be) very expensive and only rich people 8________ (can) buy and drink it. So the old woman was very happy to have it. But she 9________ (not know) what to do with it. She 10________ (think) it 11________ (be) a vegetable. She 12________ (invite) her friends to taste it with her. At last the day of the party 13________ (come). The woman 14_________ (put) a big dish with tea-leaves on the table. The guests 15________ (begin) to eat them with salt and pepper and they 16________ (not like) it. Some time later the sailor 17________ (come) into the room. "What 18________you_______ (do)? " he asked. «Where 19_________ (be) the water in which you have boiled the leaves? » "I 20_______ (throw) it away, » his mother answered.

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1 had

2 was

3 went

4 brought

5 went

6 brought

7 was

8 could

9 didnt know

10 thought 

11 was

12 invited

13 has come

14 put

15 began

16 didnt like

17 came

18 are you doing

19 is

20 threw

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1 had.

2 was.







9didn't know







16didn't like


18did ypu do




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